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"Going Home is all solo piano and was recorded on a Kawai concert grand, which has a warm, inviting sound quality that is well-suited to Galfano's various playing styles. 'The Nimble Gypsie" opens the CD with a lively, light-hearted piece that dances up and down the piano keyboard. 'Sailing the Straits" has that effortless, graceful flow of being on water in a sailboat.... a beautiful piece!

Easy-going and accessible, yet complex enough to stay interesting with many listenings, Going Home should be a welcome addition to piano fans' collections."

- Kathy Parsons
Solo Piano Publications

"After meeting and hearing Jon, we had such a great time and the music was wonderful. We bought 'Pacific Point of View' and I thought it was outstanding. My wife says it reminds her of Yanni, who I like a lot... I love the CD."

- Larry Hall

"I absolutely love the 'Pacific Point of View' CD. It's very relaxing and lets me forget everything stressful. I'm looking forward to his next release."

- Becky Lee

"I was amazed how easily it was to -get lost- in this music. It is very relaxing, you just instantly think of other things. Great stress relief in these troubled times. I'm hooked."

- Marilyn Baker

"Jon's feelings come out through his fingers. I was driving home though a beautiful snowfall the other day. It was the kind of snow you see on a Christmas card. Beautiful, gentle peaceful, graceful. Jon's music was playing. It fit just right. You have to hear this guy play."

- Jay Brindo

"Jon's soft melodic pieces are just the type you can have playing while doing absolutely nothing, or be reading, writing or thinking... you can set your player to repeat and let it play all day and evening."

- Marta Gomez

"I was entranced by his style, which is lush, textured and emotive... This CD reminds me a lot of the early days of Windham Hill in that the music is both spirited and soothing. Galfano has deft fingers and a flowing approach to songwriting. Fans of solo piano music should check it out."

- Kennebec Maine Journal